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What is regionalisation?

Regionalisation is the process of delivering on the potential of regional Australia. 

Regionalisation lifts and strengthens our regions, ensuring greater opportunity among all Australians which helps drive the nation’s prosperity. Regionalisation is an investment in growing a more prosperous, inclusive and balanced Australia.

Regionalisation is the key to Rebalancing the Nation. 

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About Rebalance the Nation

Rebalance the Nation is driving more Australians to live prosperous lives in our regions.

Today, nearly two thirds of our population live in major cities, and we are one of the most urbanised OECD country.

RAI and global research tell us that a more balanced population will makes us a more prosperous and productive nation.

To rebalance and reap benefits for all Australians, we need to focus on regionalisation and address issues and challenges in regional Australia so that people can thrive.

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About the Regionalisation Ambition 2032

The Regionalisation Ambition 2032 is a framework designed to help direct the actions of government, industry, and the community towards achieving a greater proportion of Australians living prosperously in the regions by 2032 and beyond. 

About the work of Regional Australia Institute

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is the nation’s first and only independent think tank dedicated to building robust regional economies and a better quality of life in our regional towns and cities.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that undertakes research to stimulate and activate our rural and regional communities.

The work of the Institute is made possible through research partnerships with Federal and State governments, the national Regions Rising event series, regional consultancy projects, membership and philanthropic funding.

The RAI exists so that decision-makers at all levels of government, industry and community have the information they need to ensure the best outcomes for Regional Australia.

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About the Rebalance the Nation supporters

The Rebalance the Nation campaign is supported by the Regional Australia Council and the Regional Activators Alliance.

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