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The pathway to a low-carbon economy in regional Australia’s key industries


Some industries will face a more difficult pathway in the transition to net zero, particularly in regional Australia, where there is a heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

Budget 2024-2025: Nation’s Future To Be Made In Regional Australia


Regional Australia is at the epicentre of the Federal Government’s Future Made in Australia ambitions, with plans to attract global investment in the development of home-grown critical minerals, low emission liquid fuels, and green hydrogen.

The timber town that’s proven efficiency and renewable energy work hand in hand


Yarram is a small town of around 2000 people, in a prosperous farming district with a history of timber harvesting and milling in the Shire of Wellington, just over 200km east of Melbourne, in Gippsland, Victoria.

The finance broker who can see the potential in modular homes


Teressa Fisk, a finance broker on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, has spent the past two years with a strong focus on assisting clients to finance modular homes.

Rebalance the Nation is a vision for more Australians to be living prosperously in the region.

At the heart of Rebalance the Nation, is the Regionalisation Ambition 2032, a framework to direct the actions of government, industry and the community to support more Australians living in our regions.

Based on 10 years of RAI research, it is a set of 20 targets across five important pillars to improve life in regional Australia so that more Australians can call the regions home.

Here we showcase the work RAI together with communities, leading Australian organisations, industry and government is doing to achieve the 2032 ambition.

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Pledge Tally

Pledges are a way organisations can show support of the Regionalisation Ambition 2032.

Organisations show support by making a pledge that aligns to a pillar and will contribute to one of the Ambition’s targets. Listen here to some of the fantastic pledges that organisations across Australia have already made.






Jobs and Skills

Jobs and Skills18





Productivity and Innovation

Productivity and Innovation7


Resilience and Sustainability

Resilience and Sustainability15

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Pledges are a way organisations can show support of the National Regionalisation Ambition 2032.

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Our Supporters

Regional Activators Alliance

The Regional Activators’ Alliance (RAA) is a powerful coalition of regional stakeholders who work with the RAI to change the narrative and show the rest of the country the opportunities available to live, work and invest in regional Australia.

Regional Australia Council

The Regional Australia Council (RAC) was established in 2020 by the RAI to convene some of Australia’s most forward thinking and influential organisations who are committed to elevating and prioritising regional Australia.

The National Alliance for Regionalisation

The National Alliance for Regionalisation (the Alliance) will provide knowledge sharing and national leadership to ensure the targets and aspirations set out in the Regionalisation Ambition 2032 remain relevant and central to decision-making for regional Australia over the next decade.