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What is a pledge?

Pledges are a way organisations can show support of the Regionalisation Ambition 2032.

Organisations show support by making a pledge that aligns to a pillar and a target of the Framework.

How to make a pledge?

To make a pledge you need to either log in (using your RAI username and password) or create an account. This will allow you to add and manage your pledges. 

Once logged in, click on the add pledge button below to fill in the form and submit to the RAI, who will confirm your pledge before adding your support to this website. 

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Pledge FAQs

Who can make a pledge?

Any organisation with a presence in regional Australia.

Do you need to pledge in every pillar of the Ambition?

Pledges are a way organisations can show support of the framework and its vision. You do not need to pledge in every pillar.

Pledges are symbols of support but do not necessarily represent an organisation’s entire commitment or work in regional Australia. For example, organisations may well undertake activity across all the pillars however show their support through one or two pledges in certain pillars. 

Should pledges be broad or specific?

The most important consideration for a pledge is that it is an activity or action that contributes to a target and pillar of the framework.

Pledges, either broad or specific, are designed to be symbols of support and a way to communicate to Australia your organisation’s commitment to regionalisation. 

What happens to pledges?

Once a pledge has been approved, RAI will publish the pledge on this website. Every organisation who pledges will be contacted via a survey each year to check on progress, with RAI sharing the stories of organisations who have achieved their pledge.

How will pledges be tracked?

Each year, the RAI will provide a report to show national progress towards achieving the targets in the Framework.

Within this report, RAI will showcase how different organisations have made progress against their pledges. Each year, organisations will be asked to self-report to RAI and will be encouraged to share their involvement and their pledge progress through their own reporting.

Each sign of progress is another step toward the overarching ambition to rebalance the nation.

Still have questions?

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